Business Observatory


To collect, process and provide information to companies related to the prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders, with the aim of becoming a vast source of knowledge and inspiration.

To determine the reality about the prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders in European companies and institutions, developing educational contents that will allow advancement in the training of companies and workers and at the same time spread new scientific evidence in this field.

The Observatory aims to be a point of reference for employers, workers and those interested in P4W.


The participants of the observatory are:

  1. P4W project partners (
  2. Prestigious external Expert Panel ( )
  3. Companies (the final beneficiaries of this project).


As a major innovation, the materials and technologies developed in this project, will examine:

  • The influence of psychosocial aspects and lifestyles in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Sectoral and regional differences.

Resources to be developed in P4W

The project includes a series of resources that are available to all interested parties on the web, the teaching platform and the APP developed during the project. In addition, a series of pilot activities will be carried out where interested companies can participate.


It is an initiative through which the concerns of professionals and companies are gathered and these needs are transferred to a group of experts to find solutions to them.

We only need your collaboration in the different actions that will be proposed and that you provide us with an email and person to contact to send you the information that is generated or to be able to contact you if necessary for some specific purpuse.

There are three main benefits for companies:

  • Free training for workers on the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries of their workers.
  • The ability to participate in a pilot study to analyze the different existing risks and be able to establish a training program that allows evaluating its effectiveness.
  • Receive a personalized report for each company with data and conclusions that allow the implementation of improvements aimed at preventing musculoskeletal injuries of its workers.

There is no minimum number of workers required, although the possibility of training sessions carried out in the company will be evaluated, provided there is a minimum of workers or the attendance of researchers is viable.

Companies do not commit to anything just by registering and receiving information. However, to participate in the pilot activities, they must give a commitment to carry out any necessary internal procedures so that researchers can develop the pilot activities within the company.

The responsible entity will be Fundación Universidad San Jorge, who will process the data as a coordinating partner in the framework of the European PREVENT4WORK Project. You can obtain more information by consulting the privacy policy of the website ( https: // ).

No. But they will have access to the observatory data / conclusions.

The entire process of data collection of the companies will be carried out through the APP developed in the P4W project.

For participating companies, the cost of registration will be free. Costs for travel and accommodation must be paid by the participating company.

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