• The communications have to be original and must not have been published in journals or communications at other conferences, seminars or symposiums.
  • The communications’ topic needs to be related with pain and work, as well as with some of the thematic blocks that will be elaborated in the scientific program. These blocks include topics such as musculoskeletal diseases that affect the capacity of working or that are derived from the work activity, the return to work after an acute pain episode, the return to work as part of the recovery process, working with pain, the psychosocial factors related with pain and work or the social constraints that can be related with musculoskeletal pain.
  • The maximum number of authors per communication are six, including the principal author or the presenter of the communication. Please indicate the author’s name of the person who is going to present the communication.
  • Every person who appears as an author of the selected works, has to be signed up at the symposium. A maximum of two communications can be defended per person.
  • The principal author has to send to the scientific committee the abstract with a cut-off date of September 21st 2021 for its approval, via this email: p4worl@usj.es
  • It is recommended to carefully review the work before sending it, because once the sending period is over, changes in the order of the authors or work modifications are not allowed.
  • The name of the author and co-authors needs to appear with one or two surnames preceding the name. The order in which the authors appear will be the one used for the certificate’s issue.
  • The authors will send the work specifying their preference related with its format (oral presentation, poster or indistinct). Nevertheless, the scientific committee can suggest to change its format (oral presentation/poster).
  • The date for the response about the final call of the scientific committee will take place on October 1st of 2021. This response will be via email, where the presentation will appear as “accepted” or “not accepted”. This decision adopted by the scientific committee is definitive when communicated to the responsible author.
  • The scientific committee reserve its right to reject those works which not meet the requirements established for its admission.
  • The abstract of the communication needs to be in English, not exceeding 300 words, excluding the bibliography. This is the format that must be followed:
    1. A precise title, 15 words maximum. Sentence type, in bold, no abbreviations. Titles in capital letters will not be allowed.
    2. Authors, center of work or study.-
    3. Introduction.
    4. Objective.
    5. Material and methods.
    6. Results.
    7. Discussion/conclusion.
    8. Key words.
    9. Bibliographic references: following the Vancouver style.
  • The abstract will be sent in a Microsoft Word document, using the template in Annex 1, naming the file with a summarized version of the title. Example: In the study “Role of psychological factors in work-related musculoskeletal pain: a systematic review”, the file denomination could be: “Psychological_factors_work-related_musculoskeletal_pain”.
  • All the information will be sent via email to the following email address: p4work@usj.es with the subject: “2021 Third Symposium of P4W”. An acknowledgement of receipt will always be sent with the reference number assigned to each work.
  • The scientific committee will choose the best oral presentation and poster. This award may not be given if the presented communications don’t have the enough quality according to the judges.
  • A certified will be handed to the authors signed up in the symposium who have made the presentation or the defense.
  • The abstracts of all accepted communications will be published in a digital minutes book in a PDF format with a DOI and ISBN.
  • The sending of the communication’s abstract implies the complete acceptation of the normative and its privacy policies.

  • The authors responsible of the selected communications shall send a video record with the work:
    • Oral communication presentation: 8 minutes maximum with slides.
    • Poster communication presentation: 4 minutes maximum with 5 slides.
  • All the information regarding the recording of the videos in the oral format and in the poster one will be sent once the communication has been accepted.
  • The authors that appear have to be the same of the abstract that has been sent.

  • Best oral communication.
  • Best poster communication.

Extended deadline

  • Period to send the abstracts: until October 04th, 2021.
  • Date for the scientific committee to respond: until October 08th, 2021.
  • Cut-off date to send the video: until October 17th, 2021.
  • Date of the symposium: October 22nd, 2021.


Título: (Máximo 15 palabras)
Preferencia de presentación (marcar con una X) Comunicación oral
Comunicación poster
Texto resumido:
(Máximo 300 palabras. El resumen debe incluir los siguientes apartados:) Introducción: Objetivo: Material y métodos: Resultados: Discusión/Conclusión:
Palabras clave: (Indicar entre tres y seis palabras clave en inglés procedentes de Mesh Database (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh)
Bibliografía: máximo 8 referencias bibliográficas.
Código Identificación  (No Cumplimentar)  


[pdf-embedder url=”https://cursos.p4work.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/ANNEX-I-Abstract-Submission-Regulations-Third-Symposium-Implicit-Consent.pdf” title=”ANNEX I – Abstract Submission Regulations Third Symposium – Implicit Consent”]