The P4Work App is an App developed by the ‘Prevent4Work’ project team. ‘Prevent4Work’ is a European project whose objective is to develop innovative materials and technological resources to facilitate better management of musculoskeletal pain derived from the workplace. It is a collaboration between universities and companies in Spain, Italy, and Denmark, and it is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme. The target groups of the project are workers and companies from different sectors, occupational risk prevention professionals, health professionals, students of health sciences and higher education institutions.

The P4Work app will allow you to participate in our studies on assessing risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal pain. Your answers will allow the research team to evaluate different aspects of your job to establish prevention strategies. In addition, through the P4Work App you will have access to all the educational videos about musculoskeletal pain generated by the team of experts and you will be able to access our educational platform, where you can take our courses on musculoskeletal pain, based on the most up-to-date evidence.

  • Companies and workers: as a company the app will offer you and your workers new ressources to be more aware on the subject “musculoskeletal pain” and allow a greater understanding of musculoskeletal pain or management or what steps you should follow in its treatment, among others.
  • Healthcare and prevention professionals and students: The App offers them a new point of view in the prevention and control of work-related musculoskeletal pain. In addition, they will be able to expand their knowledge on this subject, and use all the information to treat and educate their patients in their usual clinic.

You can use the P4Work app from any smartphone or tablet. The app is available for Android and Apple operating systems.

  1. Register

⚠️ Remember that you will need to confirm your email address, so use a valid email address.

  1. Login with your account

  1. Go to the “Entities” section.

  1. In the case of Spain, you will have to link to the entity “Universidad San Jorge”, first read the data protection law (GPDR) and ask for contact.

You will receive a message in the “Messages” section of the app, indicating that your membership application has been accepted and that the entity has been contacted. In addition, the message “Pending link” will disappear just below the “Entities” section of the app.

Three entities from Spain, Italy and Denmark are participating in the project. Linking you to the entity in your country will allow the responsible entity to have you in its database in order to carry out future research. It will also allow you to establish contact with our professionals so that you can communicate with them in case of doubt or consultation.

Once you have registered, you will have to fill in two questionnaires (P4W Questionnaire and Needs Survey). The research team will contact you again approximately 3 and 6 months after your registration. You will receive a notice at the email address you have indicated, and a new, simpler follow-up questionnaire will appear again.

We know that security and privacy are important to you (they are to us too). All information collected will be registered by computer under the researcher’s responsibility, and your confidentiality will be strictly respected at all times.

All the results of the project may be communicated at scientific meetings, medical congresses or scientific publications, always maintaining strict confidentiality.

The courses are voluntary for all those who are interested in training in musculoskeletal pain, and specifically in learning more about low back pain. However, the Prevent4Work research team highly recommends them, as they can offer you new insights and broaden your knowledge, and can help you manage pain in your day-to-day life.

All participants who request it will receive a personalised diploma with the course content on it.

Both the P4Work app and the courses are entirely free.

Prevent4Work is a project funded by the European Union, so everything is done on a non-profit basis purpose.

Yes, you can contact us at info@cursos.p4work.com

We will be happy to help you and will try to answer your doubts or queries as soon as possible.

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